Thursday, May 28, 2009

New fence

Now that the pine trees were gone we needed to do something about the fence. Jason has wanted a wooden fence for years, now with the trees gone we could do something about that. We took down the chain link fence and used the existing metal posts to build a wooden fence. I am quite proud of us for getting it done so quickly. It only took us two days to get it done. I say "us" but really Jason did most of the work. I did help with handing him screws and boards, and at the end I did put in some screws. I think it looks awesome, and it gives us privacy from the neighbors.
Here we are about half way done.

Towards the end Noah just wanted to be held, so I put him in the baby bjorn and kept helping. It worked out perfectly, he was very happy and content.

The fence is done. We still have a few things to do like fix the curbing we had to move, then we are going to put bark down around the patio. But so far we are pleased with the results. It is like we have a whole new backyard.