Saturday, April 4, 2009

Living Planet Aquarium

We wanted to do something fun today, but I wasn't in the mood to be outside (it was snowing and I am done with the snow, it is time for spring) so I decided to try someplace we haven't been before. The living plant Aquarium. I though Ashton would like it, because it has fish and he loves fish. I was right he did love it, we got to see an exhibit with fish that live in Utah. Then it was onto the fish from the ocean.

We got to see Jelly fish, which Ashton did not like at all, he freaked out when I tried to get him to look at them. Don't know why it was weird.

the biggest lobster I have ever seen

Sea Horses, they were so cute with their tails curled around the corral

lots beautiful fish and corral, it was cool they had steps up to all of the aquariums so that the kids could see the fish better, Ashton loved climbing up on all of them.

I loved this one with Ashton's finger pointing at the fish

We got to touch some sting rays, well I tried to but it would not cooperate with me, it liked to be on the opposite side of the pool that I was standing. Oh well maybe next time.

Little Sharks, they were cute I liked them. Again that was Ashton's finger at the bottom pointing

They also had this South America exhibit, with snakes, spiders, and such. I felt what it would be like to be shocked by an electric fish, Jason made me try it he was to chicken :)

It was a lot of fun and Ashton loved it, we will definitely go again