Tuesday, April 28, 2009

catching up

I love it when I download pictures from my camera cards and find fun pictures that I didn't know where there. Here are a few that I found today when I finally downloaded my cards.

Just some fun updates, Noah is such a little talker he loves to babble, there are times in the car that Noah is talking away, then Ashton starts talking back to Noah, it gets pretty loud, but I love it. Noah is rolling over from his back to tummy, he is getting so he doesn't hate being on his tummy as much as he did in the beginning. He has almost mastered the sitting by himself. He sits great with support, I can let him sit by himself for a minute or so, then he topples over. He has also discovered his feet, which I am positive if he could he would put those in his mouth too. He puts everything in his mouth. I am wanting to start weaning Noah from nursing, but it may be tougher than I had hoped. He won't take a bottle from me at all, and he only takes a bottle from someone else sometimes. Oh and he won't even touch formula. I am starting now so that when I leave him in August with Grandma it won't be a problem.

Ashton is talking quite a bit more, he is into repeating words that we say, it is really cute. Now we just have to watch what we say (hint hint honey :))We are learning body parts right now he has most of them down. He knows how to count to five, and we are working on the alphabet. He seems semi interested in the potty, so I went and got him a little potty and we will see what happens, I am not expecting anything right now, but I didn't think it would hurt to have one around.

Jason is almost done with school for the semester, then we get to have a break for the summer. We are all looking forward to the summer break, it will be nice to have daddy home more.

I got a call from a former boss last week asking if I was interested in coming back to work a few hours a week. I decided that was just what I needed, to have a few hours a few hours a week that I don't have to worry about kids or anything. So I decided to do it, it will only be 6- 8 hours a week in the evening after Jason gets home from work. So far so good I think this will be just what I needed, to have a few hours away from the boys, as much as I love them and love being home with them it is nice to have some time away. Anyways that is what has been happening in our little family right now, sorry it was so long and boring, I am going to assume that if you made it through this post you must of been really bored :)


klynnphotography said...

not bored, just havent seen you for awhile. ok, that outfit Ashton is in is funny because I bought Ethan the same one, but with the orange shorts. I love love love the picture of you and your boys!! FUN