Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

Tonight we went and saw the lights at temple square. We parked at Jason's office and walked a block to the trax station and then rode to temple square. Ashton did really good just walking with Jason until the end and then he only wanted to be held. He refused to wear gloves so his poor hands were so cold and red when we were done. Noah was all bundled up in a snow suit and in the baby sling he was the only one who was nice and toasty warm. We ended a fun evening by watching Polar Express when we got home.

Ashton was watching the horse and carriages go by, he was really excited to see the horses.
Jason and Ashton walking through temple square
Me and Noah, he really is under that blanketThe family shot, Ashton didn't want to have his picture taken tonight, Noah is under the blanket so you just have to imagine his cute face

Ashton got really excited to see the water and as if his hands weren't cold enough he decided to put his hands in the water


Ariana said...

What fun! We didn't make it up there this year.... I dunno, maybe we'll hit it right after christmas. If we'd have a decent weather day...haha

Love your music on here btw! Great stuff! Merry Christmas!!