Monday, March 4, 2013

weekly photos

Before Caitlin was born I had decided I wanted to take weekly pictures of her, and at the end of the year I can make a book out of all the photos.  So here are the last two weeks pictures.  I can't believe it has been two weeks already.  The time is going by way to fast I want to freeze time and keep her little. 

Week one:

I know we have only had her home for a week now, but so far she is a pretty good baby.  She sleeps most of the day away.  She really only cries when we change her diaper and when she is hungry.  So far she has taken a liking to her binky, so we will see if that continues. 

Week 2:

I can't believe she is already two weeks old, I seriously want to freeze time and make her stop growing.  I Love the newborn stage, I love how babies smell, how they sleep so much, I can seriously just sit and hold her all day long, oh wait i do hold her pretty much all day.  I have also found myself doing things with Caitlin that I would of never done with the boys, I suspect it is because she is my last baby and I want to soak up every last minute of her while I can. 

Caitlin still is a really good baby, pretty chill and still sleeps a lot, she is sleeping pretty good at night, getting up twice to eat, So I get 4-5 hr stretches of sleep which is awesome.