Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Shower

So Korie threw me a baby shower, for this baby girl.  It was a lot of fun, She let me have quite a lot of input on what I wanted like the invitation, and the color scheme, I even helped make some of the favors and things.  I wanted to go with purple and grey so that it kind of went with the nursery.  I knew Korie wasn't thrilled with the purple, she really wanted me to change to pink but I am on such a purple kick and in the end I think she liked how it turned out.  I know I did, we had the shower at my house, it is nice to have a perfect home for entertaining.  So Korie took care of the decorations, the invitations, and then my mom, step mom Val did the food and drinks, Lisa another friend made a couple of desserts.  I did make the cupcakes, which I was fine with I love my white almond with raspberry filling. 

All of these were taken before all the food was there and put out, but we had a chicken pasta salad, green salad, rolls, strawberries, cupcakes, butter cookie, peanut butter cookie, pretzel hugs, cake pops, a punch and lemon water.  All the food was so yummy and so were all the treats.

After everybody had left Korie snapped a few pics of my and my huge belly.  It is hard for me not to be overly critical of any photo of me but these turned out cute, at least I am telling myself that they did :)

It was a fun Saturday, Jason took the boys to a birthday sledding party so they were gone for it.  I had so much fun visiting with friends and family, and of course getting lots of pink stuff.  Korie posted these photos on facebook so I just borrowed them. 

I was fortunate enough to have my new neighbors throw me another shower a week later, I didn't take any pictures but it was nice to meet some more of our neighbors and I got a bunch more stuff.  One thing is for sure, this little girl is going to be the best dressed baby around.  She has plenty of cloths and I am so excited to get for all this girly stuff.