Monday, March 19, 2012

Natural History Museum

So back on Valentines day Jason had taken the day off work so we had the whole day to spend together we decided to take the boys to the new Natural History Museum up near the U of U.  The only reason the boys were excited about it was because I told them that there were dinosaurs there, and that sold them.  I just have to comment on the outside of the building it is very modern and beautiful, at least I thought it was.

We headed in and Noah kept trying to make a beeline for the dinosaurs, I had to keep his interest in all the other cool things that there were to see.  If I remember right there were 4 different floors and each floor focused on something different.  The favorite was definitely the dinosaur bones, and it was fun to learn a little more about them like how to tell what bones are real and which ones are casts made from real bones. 

This room was fun and had creatures like bugs and snakes.  If you crawled in those caves you could see a snake in one area and another animal I don't remember.

Ashton's foot

It was a great outing and I would actually love to go back without the boys so that we can actually check things out instead of having to keep moving so that the children don't get bored and break something. 
Ashton was an awesome little bug

Not a great picture but the only one I got of all of us together that day.

Noah was tired of walking, he needed to take a break

Checking out the weather stuff on the roof of the museum