Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Governors Day

So a couple of weeks ago I took the boys to Governors Day at Camp Williams saturday morning while Jason was at school.  The boys were pretty excited to go and be able to see grandparents and their uncles.  But once we got there and they saw the bouncy house they had a hard time focusing on much else.  We got to see some planes fly overhead pretty low and they got to make some dog tags and spent lots of time in the bouncy house thing. 

Both boys were pretty excited to see Uncle Leland, I love it that they love their uncles as much as they do.

The boys also got to dress up like fire fighters and go through this little course, it was pretty cute to watch.

Mom ened up keeping the boys and let them play lots longer than I wanted to stay and she ended up keepig them over night which was a nice surprise so Jason and I got to have a night to ourselves.  I know I have said this before but we are so so fortunate to have family here that is so willing to watch our boys and want to spend time with them so that we get to have some much needed time to ourselves.  I know that it is not common and I am so thankful that our family is so willing to help out.


Natalie said...

What a fun day, I have never been up there, maybe now that I have a boy it will be higher on my list:)
I love the pictures, I finally caught up on your blog and I love the one that you "weren't in the mood to upload pictures" I swear that is MOST of the reason that I don't blog more than I do.