Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy birthday Jason

Wow, this is such a busy time of the year in the span of two weeks we have Ashton's b-day, Noah's b-day, Thanksgiving, and Jason's B-day.  We were suppose to celebrate Jason's b-day this last weekend but then he got sick and wasn't up for the celebration.  So we have had to post pone until next weekend.  I did try to make the day as pleasurable as possible, I ran and got him an iced coffee, made him whatever he wanted to eat and then I made him a cake and some cupcakes.

In Honor of Jason turning 35 here are a few things I love about him:

1. I love his sense of humor
2. I love how he makes up silly song and sings them
3. I love how he is such a great father
4. I love that he works so hard to provide for our family
5. I love how he says I'm beautiful even when I know I am not
6. I love that he is so good with money, he has helped me a ton with this one :)
7. I love how he is such a good problem solver
8. I even love how he has to google everything
9. I love how he was the crazy cat man
10. I love how he can make me laugh so easily
11. I love how we lay in bed at night and talk
12. I love how he always seems to know what I am thinking (even though sometimes it can be annoying)
13. I love how he will watch chick flicks with me
14. I love when I have had a hard day with the boys, I can leave and know that all will be good at home
15. I love how he lets me decorate the house however I want as long as he doesn't have to do any of the work
16. I love how he rolls his eyes whenever I want to take a pic of the family or the two of us, but then he smiles and goes along with it
17. I love to watch him play with the boys
18. I love that he will eat almost anything I put in front of him
19.  I love how when he doesn't like dinner very much he gets up and has a bowl of cereal
20. I love that he knows about my obsession with designer purses and he indulges me

I hope he knows how much I love him and appreciate him for everything he does for me and the boys

Happy Birthday Babe!


klynnphotography said...

thanks for writing this ... It's making me think of all the things I love about my own husband. Sometimes I forget.