Friday, May 14, 2010

One down, four more to go

I have finally finished Ashton's room, well almost anyways.  I wanted a room that wasn't to babyish and that I would not have to change for a really long time.  I found his bed on KSL last fall and I refinished it and I am loving how it turned out. 
I have always loved the pottery barn look so that was what I kind of had in mind with the bed and the bedding, I found his quilt at The Village Quilt shop and I bought his sheets at Target. I really wanted to get some sheets from Pottery Barn but they were $50 verses the $20 I paid for the ones at Target.

I was originally going to paint his room a blue but I couldn't find a color that I loved.  Then I decided I should do something a little more neutral, and I love how it came out.  It makes the room seem so much brighter. 

I have to wait 3 more weeks till I can take out his little toddler bed.  I guess I don't have to wait, but I am so that his head has some more time to heal.  He has never fallen out of bed so I don't think that he will fall out, but I think of these things now so we are waiting. 

I still need to get some curtains, I am thinking I want some roman shades, but I can't decided what color the curtains should be.  I don't know if I want red or blue I can't decide.
It feels good to have one room done.  Now I can work on some of the other projects I have going.  I did get the upstairs bathroom painted yesterday, now I just need to get some new trim, and get the finishing touches up.  Then it is onto our bedroom the kitchen and the bathroom downstairs. 


Kevin and Amber said...

So cute. You really need to come to my house and work a little :) Nate really misses ashton. He keeps asking if his head is better yet.

Bellamy Family said...

I like where you decided to place those pictures and I really do love the neutral paint color.
and you can tell Amber that I am first on the list ... lol

pam gebhardt said...

I love the room! You are so clever with your ideas. Great job!

Natalie said...

How fun, I want to redo all of the rooms in my house. I like how clean and neat it looks, just like Pottery Barn!

Ariana said...

That looks totally cool! I love the retro pictures. You can come do my house anytime. I have no style! :)