Sunday, January 24, 2010

The joys of motherhood

I went to the store this morning and left Dad in charge of the boys. At some point while I was gone Ashton decided to do some painting with my chalk ink pads.

Which by the way were put away in a drawer. I was not a happy mommy, especially since Jason said he was in the office the whole time I was gone. So Ashton did all of this while Jason was sitting in the same room. I guess some day I might laugh about this, but not yet.

Oh and these were taken after I tried to clean it up, the leather album is now ruined and my laptop will never look the same :(


Kevin and Amber said...

What the hell Jason??? Just kidding. Kids will be kids :(

Natalie said...

Oh boy, you know those dad's, they just don't do things the same as the mommies... right:)

Jason Kol said...
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Jason Kol said...

This is all speculative. There is actually no solid evidence that shows that the said event occurred on dad's watch. However, I'm happy to be the fall guy. That's cool.

Kevin and Amber said...

Jason if it makes you feel better Ashton and Nathan colored all over someones house at playgroup(tv, Piano, couch and the walls). It just so happened that they found the washable markers that time.