Thursday, March 26, 2009

1st haircut

Noah has been needing a haircut for quite a while now, and I have been stalling because I love his hair. He has been losing some of it on the sides of his head and in the back of his head but on top it has just kept growing. I love styling it in a Mohawk, but with it being so long it doesn't stay very well anymore.

Last picture with the big Mohawk
While Ashton was at Nate's house playing today I was running a few errands I decided to stop at cookie cutters and get Noah's hair cut. We were in and out in like 15 minutes. Noah was so good he sat in the little baby chair and they used this little cape to put around him. I did have to hold him in the chair, but he did awesome, he didn't cry or even make a sound. He just sat there and let her cut his hair. It looks much better now that it is all even but I can't help but miss all of his hair.
Taken this morning before we left the house, his hair didn't want to stay up so I just left it down
Back at home with hair much shorter
Now I need to go and get Ashton's hair cut, I am really dreading it he will scream and have a fit I just know it.


Ariana said...

Looking snappy! I'm sure Noah's hair will be back to awesome mohawk status in a month or two. That haircut does look nice hough! Preston's first haircut was ... interesting. :) Good thing he didn't have that much hair.